by davidcoe... 30. January 2012 09:40


On my list of things to do this Monday - review IA on new website!

This is the first time I've looked at it since about October last year. As ever - we've been too busy to look at our own site - too busy doing them for other people - etc etc.

Less is more - so we're going to cut out some of the pages - I think it's more important that we focus on the thought leadership pieces - the rest is all just a vanity project?

Customer centric means reviewing each page and saying "what value is this adding for a potential/existing customer...?"

Need to set a deadline as well!! And get more song lyrics in...


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People and Places...

by davidcoe... 10. January 2012 13:16

New Year - New Joiner
Mark Brassington started with us on January 3rd as a Senior Developer.

His experience covers ASP.NET, SQL Server, Facebook API, AJAX Toolkit etc etc. his experience covers ASP.NET, SQL Server, Facebook API, AJAX Toolkit etc etc...

Cold in the USA!!
Paul and David travelled to Denver just before Christmas to meet up with a few of our US clients.



 Paul Vernon - relaxing...
 David Coe - before he lost the 10lbs around his tummy... not helped by the large food portions
 Denver - View from the foothills
 Red Rocks - natural amphitheatre - "Under a Blood Red Sky" - U2 - anyone old enough to remember that?
Golden - Home to Molson Coors...


Occupy Savile Row?

by davidcoe... 10. January 2012 13:08

Is Twitter really helping to revolutionise a whole new generation of more politically aware, social activists?

Over the last few years I go to fewer and fewer meetings where men and women are wearing “formal business suits”? They’re just not as popular as they used to be… I’m sure they’ll swing back into fashion at some point.

Is this part of the cultural zeitgeist?

Maybe we’re just afraid people will think we’re a banker if we’re wearing a suit?

And whilst we’re talking of suits – it’s still common within larger businesses and agencies to have lots of layers of management / sales people / middle people.

Here at oe:gen we’re reducing the layers of people between you and the person actually doing the work. This makes us more responsive, you get to meet the team and to see the commitment everyone puts into your project.

Also it keeps our overheads down - which is good for you and good for us!



Creating “pass-able-onable” content...

by davidcoe... 10. January 2012 12:58

I spoke to Jason Korman, CEO at gapingvoid recently - it’s always great to find yourself talking to someone in shorthand - after only a few seconds of conversation. “Social Objects” is the phrase that Hugh MacLeod’s been using for a few years now – and it’ll be right out there in 2012 and beyond…

For years the website mantra has been “content is king” – and for B2B practitioners it’s been perceived as a problem – “where do I get rich content from?” So in the past we’ve evolved strategies to “repurpose” existing assets – what do you have that we can turn into useful knowledge to share with your clients?

This is all a part of a thought leadership / online reputation vibe.

It was only when I was getting our business cards reprinted just before Christmas that I made the connection with gapingvoid’s “Social Objects” meme. A few years ago a colleague at the time Emmeline Woodward and myself coined the phrase “pass-able-onable content” - which I guess is to the same point…

Don’t bother to generate content / arrange a touch-point with your customers if you’re not adding something to your “story” – your “purpose idea” – whether it’s a case study, a white paper – or an invitation to an exhibition/your next company golf day.

It needs to have a value to your client/potential customer which consolidates their perception of you, your company or your offering – it’s not just about brand any more… Word of Mouth marketing is easier when there’s something tangible to hand on/forward in an e-mail – it can sometimes just be a link to a blog post!



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