We're not Google+ Experts...

by davidcoe... 26. July 2011 09:58

Yes - we're on Google+ and we're trying it out. Then we'll have a view on it.

But it's less than a month since it launched...

Beware of "experts"!

There's a link to spinsuck here

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July 25th... 153 sleeps to go!

by davidcoe... 25. July 2011 10:10

I think the iPhone App says it all... :)



What's Next? Infographics and Responsive Web Design....

by davidcoe... 21. July 2011 11:49

We're working on a couple of Balanced Scorecard projects at the moment to convert raw excel data into something that's more visually exciting and informative. There are lots of stunning examples around at the moment - but a lot of them are only really suitable for print media / or are just a bit "too pretty" / "too clever" - so the data vizualisation isn't that effective in the end.

We're trying to strike the right balance at oe:gen - also looking to deliver within the browser / so a dashboard approach that can quickly convey/communicate the message or information.


The other trend we're seeing at the moment is the need to to review our approach to web design - as it relates to multi-platform delivery on PC, mobile, iPads etc. Colin and Ben were at Design it - Build it recently and Responsive Web Design - or "One Web" - is a big issue at the moment.

They were particularly impressed by Jeremy Keith - this what he has to say on the subject:

“Either you can start doing it now, start changing the desktop-centric approach to web development now, or you’re going to be behind the curve in another six months, 12 months, two years, just as ten years ago it was the same situation with making that shift to CSS and separation of structure and presentation

At oe:gen our creative team also do CSS/HTML build - so I guess they're in an ideal position to get their heads around the coding! I hope so anyway... But as Colin says - he's not uninstalling Photoshop anytime soon.

[Examples of Media Queries above...]


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Let's all just remember - Matthew 5:5 ...

by davidcoe... 12. July 2011 08:39

"Blessed are the geeks: for they shall inherit the earth."

Nuff said. 

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