Renaming "social" platforms in a B2B environment...

by davidcoe... 28. June 2011 09:04

My original title was going to be - "Is e-mail dead?" - but I googled that and it's way too popular a keyword phrase... Facebook has been predicting the demise of e-mail for the past 2 years - and Phones 4U banned internal e-mail usage - way back in 2003! So it's hardly "...of the moment"

But - it was only when I read recently that another big, global company (no I can't remember who it was - I wasn't taking notes - and I should have blogged it straight away - but I was busy...) is experimenting with using only "social" platforms that I thought - "That's worth a post!".

So goodbye e-mail and hello Instant Messenger/Facebook et al? I think more and more of our communication is taking place outside of our e-mail client. The rise in mobile usage and how and where we consume the data means there's a kind of inevitability about this. Demographically younger people entering the workplace are much less likely to be e-mail junkies. They will be more used to texting/sharing info on social sites - so it makes sense for companies to embrace this.

Phones4U calculated that the average employee would save 3 hours/day checking and replying to e-mail overload. I know it certainly feels like that some days...

So what do we call these new platforms - C levels aren't going to be happy to label them as "social tools" - it's about business. Internal networking? Collaborative Web 2.0? Answers on a postcard please...

Forget about the Price Tag...

by davidcoe... 28. June 2011 08:54


Ain't about the (uh) Ka-Ching Ka-Ching.
Aint about the (yeah) Ba-Bling Ba-Bling


We're a long time dead - get with the programme dudes...


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by davidcoe... 24. June 2011 10:57

On my list of things to do today - Blog/Tweet (20mins)

Just had a quick look through my RSS feeds - nothing's leaping out at me - not from Seth, or Tom, or Holly, or Johan

So I decided I'd experiment with just writing - because "what do writers do?" They write....

Got up early today and have already done about 3 hours work - going into the office in an hour or two.

Behind schedule on writing the e-book "The End of Websites" - will try and get 30minutes in later today. Have to decide when to do the shopping - oh dear this is turning into a longer version of a tweet. Is that what happened to blogsites?

I have 2 conversations that are knocking about in my head. It's becoming fairly clear to me that building websites is a bit of a stressful experience. It shouldn't be difficult - but fate seems to conspire to make it so - pretty much everytime.

So maybe that's our future - no websites - just smart thinking that delivers applications/tools/experiences - rather than brochureware/frothware. The no Flash thing is still there - co-incidentaly I saw some SilverLight work yesterday and this morning. My initial reaction was a bit underwhelmed. But I don't know if that was just poor design/delivery??

Anyway - times up - what with the research that didn't trawl anything new - maybe it's time to review my feeds and do some trimming / find new inspiration....

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Twitter Twats...

by davidcoe... 23. June 2011 10:00

Forgot to mention that we're updating our twitter page as part of our re-brand re-boot... You can follow us at

Hang on -  I've just tweeted that the rebrand is going v slowly - so it hasn't been updated yet - am I stuck in some kind of social media 360 degree loop?

Is this an episode of Dr Who?

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